made for use

- made by hand with use and the planet in mind -

handmade + small batch

I make every single item you will find on this site. I have worked to make sure eveything here serves a purpose. I feel called to steward this earth we have been given, and I do all I can.


clay and metal are both incredibly reclaimable. I reclaim all my clay scraps, and recycle all my metals. I also do my best to use recyclable packing materials for shipping and packaging, so you can order with confidence!

Why choose us?

the future is small

shopping small means your support is going to a real human, not a big corperation. when you purchase from me you help me to support my growing family, and our dreams. you help pay our overhead, our rent, and our grocery bill.

women owned

when you shop with us you support our vision for what the future can be. empowering our daughters to be the fullest verson of themselves. paving a path in buisness for all women to benifit from.


Each item is made by hand, with love and attention to detail. I and my small team craft and finish each item so it is ready to use and love!